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Training Hamster Tips Learn how to obedience train a hamster


Training Hamster Tips Welcome to my website, some of these came from www.hamsterfacts.org. This website was setup to give hamster owners high quality training hamster tips so they can put an end to their hamster’s obedience problems.


The first thing to know in a training situation is what your hamster actually wants from you and to learn the proper way to give it to them. People often overestimate the intelligence of their hamsters. Most of the time they just react to your behavior. This is done so that they can be accepted as part of the pack. A hamster is after all, an animal with animal instincts.


The best way to adjust any negative behavior in a hamster is not to scold or yell at them, but to focus your efforts on changing the way they express those instincts.


Core Training Hamster Tips


To make hamster owners job of training their furry friend much easier, there a few basic task to consider. These tasks are designed to make the training of hamsters much easier across the board.


Crate training Crate training is designed to teach a hamster where the place it can call its own home is. A crate should not be used as a punishment. Instead you should set aside some spare time at home to be spent with your hamster in the crate. This way the hamster can get use to the crate. Most good training hamster tips will tell you that crate training will reduce the incidence of house breaking, barking and anxiety.


Leash training – If you have issues with your hamster on a leash, you can overcome it by teaching him or her to be in a controlled and calm state. When a hamster is in a controlled state they will be more responsive to your command without getting over excited about the upcoming walk. The majority of people having leash issues with their hamsters allow them to run outside and pull. All good training hamster tips will tell you, if your hamster start pulling on the leash makes them sit by your side and wait before walking again. The end result of doing this is that your hamster will associate the pulling sensation with the stop walking order.


The Alpha Position Any good training hamster tips will tell you the most important part of training a hamster is the position you hold in the house. Most people have the false believe that training will burden their hamster. The opposite is true of this, training does not burden them. A hamster does not know what you expect of them and the majority of the time they do not understand what you are saying. The responsibility is on you to teach them you are the leader of the pack and you have control over what is happening. The result of taking a leadership position is that they will feel more relaxed, follow your commands and stop worrying about who is going to protect them.


Obedience training you can get good training hamster tips from a hamster obedience class. These classes will teach hamster owners how to maintain Alpha position in the house, show control and give clear specific commands. If you have a new puppy or having difficulties maintaining control over your older hamster you may wish to enroll in an obedience class to supplement any home training.


Being consistent is important

The common message all training hamster tips tell you is to be consistent. Hamsters are smart in many ways but much of what they learn is best taught in an environment where there is consistent repetition. If you only teach a hamster to sit when you have time before taking him or her out, they will end up getting confused and excited. This will result in them disobeying your commands. Therefore any rule you set will need to be consistent and everyone in the house who sets a rule for your hamster will need to do the same. Training your hamster well is actually harder on you than your hamster but the time and effort is well worth it.

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