Cheating is unforgivable

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Cheating is unacceptable, but people still do it.

It’s crazy that  8% of men find cheating acceptable and only 3% of women do, says the Gallup Examiner. But over 60% of the population HAS cheated on their partner. Is this a sign of the times with it being too easy to be unfaithful to your partner? Saying “Hi” to an old ex on Facebook is simple, as they are most probably a “friend” now on your friends list even though you have not spoken in 20 years. Internet porn sites don’t even require a sign up, you can just enter the page and stay for as long as you want.



But is that cheating? The simple answer is YES! You are opening the doors to get your love interest or your emotional satisfaction/connection from another source/person. And if you want a happy relationship, that only source should your partner. If you find you cannot talk intimately with your partner (learn more on how to do that here:, spend your leisure time with your partner, or find your partner sexually desirable, then you and your partner will be looking to satisfy these needs with another person.


The issue is, with this generation we want instant satisfaction. If we don’t like it, we change it. This is bad for our relationships, because we are not putting in the effort required to created and nurture the passionate and fulfilling relationships we all need. Perhaps we don’t feel like we need to put in the effort, as we can get online and find another person almost immediately. But does this bring long term happiness? The simple answer is NO.


Is there a solution? Yes there is. Think about this. We get a personal trainer to teach us to work out our bodies, a teacher to provide us the skills for our work life, a financial adviser to work out our taxes, but we do not have any training on how to maintain our personal relationships. If you do not have the tools to know how to fix your relationship, then how can you fix it without a breakup occuring? It will only end up in a costly separation. Most importantly, seeking a profession to assist your relationship will hold you accountable and not allow emotions to get in the way of moving forward.


The statistics do not lie. It is too easy to cheat in 2012! Saying it will not happen to me or turning a blind eye to affairs will not make the pain and destruction of the affair any easier. Both men and women find affairs so unacceptable, but they do not have the tools they need to guard themselves and their relationships from becoming a statistic. There is no difference whether you are religious, or married or gay. Affairs hurt and destroy our positive state of mind, our families, our financial stability, and our hearts.


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My advice – understand what it takes to be in a committed relationship, and work actively toward maintaining your partners happiness. If you are struggling in maintaining your interest in your spouse, consider seeking professional assistance before starting an affair. If you have children, know that they will suffer the most from the affair and they will hold it with them for the rest of their lives.

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